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Inferior Dermal Sling

Gerald Gui

The Royal Marsden Hospital

London, UK

Venkat Ramakrishnan

Inferior dermal sling is one of the techniques for implant/expander based reconstruction in ladies that have larger cup size with ptosis. The incision is a Wise-pattern skin reducing mastectomy with or without nipple preservation. the marking of the wise pattern is more conservative with less skin excision that a Mammoplasty so that the wounds closure is not under-tension after putting the expander/implant. The inferior part of the marked area of the skin is de-epithelialised and used to cover the lower pole of the expander/implant, while the pectorals major is raised to cover the upper part to create the pocket.

In the next few videos you will see Mr Gerald Gui from the Royal Marsden Hospital doing a skin reducing nipple sparing mastectomy with expander based reconstruction. 


Gerald Gui



Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon


The Royal Marsden Hospital

Fulham Road, London

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