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Nipple Reconstruction & Tatooing

PRMA Plastic Surgery 

San Antonio, Texas, USA

There are many different ways to perform nipple reconstruction following skin sparing mastectomy and reconstruction, These videos are from the PRMA Plastic Surgery which is one of the leading centres in the USA based in San Antonio, Texas on the "bow-tie" method, which gets it's name from the bow-tie shaped incision used.








After cutting the Bow-tie skin incision, the flap is lifted, shaped, and sutured to create a "natural", projecting nipple.

If desired, the reconstructed nipple and areola are later tattooed to add color. Patients can choose between a 2D tattoo that adds color only, or a 3D tattoo which also adds more detail (e.g. Montgomery glands) to make the final result even more realistic. Some ladies choose to have Nipple tattooing on its own without a nipple reconstruction.


Nipple reconstruction
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