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Lectures, webinars and Tutorials


All what you need to know about Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and Reconstruction

Designed and Edited by Yazan Masannat

Introducing Surgical Site Infection Bundle


One of the Key talks from the Association of breast Surgery Meeting in Birmingham, 2018. The Talk on Surgical Site Infection by Miss Rachel Tillet

Direct link to the Talk





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De-escalation of oncoplastic surgery


This was one of the highlights of the Association of breast Surgery Meeting for me in Birmingham. The invited Talk on De-escalation of oncoplastic surgery by Dr Giuseppe Catanuto from Italy

Direct link to the Talk






Oncoplastic Surgery and reconstruction of the breast

This is an excellent talk by Prof Moustapha Hamdi in St Gallen's conference in 2013 

This is added with the permission of Oncoletter youtube page  







Restoring Breast Sensation after reconstruction

This is an excellent talk by Dr Minas Chrysopoulo, from PRMA plastic surgery and Terri Coutee from DiepCfoundation. It is tailored for patients but this concept is new to many clinicians and very Interesting to watch  

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